Mast Climbing - Bison Scaffold Buffalo NY


Hydro Mobile and Fraco mastclimbers combine safety, power, and flexibility for medium to large-size projects.  

Shoring System Frame - Bison Scaffold


We offer many different types of scaffolding for projects with varying size, weight, and demands.

Scaffold materials - Bison Scaffold


We carry various materials from Hohmann & Barnard, Portville Concrete, Maxi-Mix, and Quikrete including masonry units, mortar, anchor and ties.

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Getting Started with Bison Scaffold

Why Choose Bison Contracting & Builders Supply?

Bison is the Premier Erector of Scaffold: Frame, System, Shoring, Suspended, and Mast Climbing, in the Western New York and Northern Pennsylvanian regions. Bison has established a loyal customer base in the Western New York area, having been a part of many iconic projects across the region.  We are a locally owned and operated family business with ties to the Buffalo and Rochester community.

Bison Scaffold & Mason Supplies customer service

Bison is committed to providing the best customer service. With a hands on, face-to-face approach, we are able to cater different solutions to every different project.

Bison Scaffold & Mason Supplies - Safety

Bison puts an emphasis on safety. We make sure safe, affordable safety equipment to make sure the job is done safely. From harnesses to OSHA grade plank, Bison has what you need.